Jewish Wedding Gifts

Jew or Gentile there is no more joyous occasion than a wedding.  That might be why, in Fiddler on the Roof, the song number commemorating the engagement of Tevye’s oldest daughter is the most exciting, energetic, and all around jubilant number in the show.  As they say, sometimes “It takes a wedding to make us say ‘Let’s live another day,” and nothing fills you with emotion quite like a wedding.

…Granted, if you’re actually tasked with PLANNING the wedding, those emotions might be a bit more…”complex” (to say the least.)  Still, this isn’t about the dream that potential nightmare, but rather the ones faced by guests—what should you get the lovely couple?  Where should you shop?

Thankfully, whether you visit us online or at our storefront serving Vaughan,Thornhill and Toronto areas, we have the second problem solved for you.  As for the first, here are just some of the lovely items that, in our experience as well as that of our buyers, have made for fantastic Jewish Wedding presents.