Mezuzah Jewelry

At first blush, it can be difficult to see what the overlap might be between mezuzahs and jewelry.  There’s something symbolic in the way in which a mezuzah is forever fixed to a door while jewelry, by its very nature, is forever portable, something you take on and off at will.  In one sense, the two items may be seen as representing different aspects of Jewishness.  A mezuzah showing one’s devotion to a more ancient, constant form of Judaism that has endured throughout the millennia, Biblical verses and all, while being fixed in one place and proudly declaring that home to be Jewish.  By contrast, mezuzah jewelry can be more mainstream or secular, is portable, and yet can still carry all the classic emblems, blessings and designs that have come to make up the Judaic aesthetic over thousands of years, combined with whatever tradition for craftsmanship is undertaken in the region in which the jewelry is forged.