Rosh Hashanah Gifts

You want to start the New Year well with an immaculate Rosh Hashanah Gift. Whether you visit us online or in person at our outlet in Vaughan, Greater Toronto Area, Your Holy Land Store has the best Rosh Hashanah Gifts in Canada, featuring a mix of jewelry, cookware, and simply colorful items.

Wall hangings are a traditional part of Rosh Hashanah, and we offer a variety of great options there as well. Our Pomegranate Wall Hanging with Blessings and Charms is in many ways the consummate Rosh Hashanah gift, as it features at its center a Hamsa, Star of David, Key of Fortune, and heart. Made from finely-finished silver plated metal, with the centerpiece made of brass, and manufactured, as with so many of our products, in the heart of the Holy Land itself, Israel, this item is the perfect way to greet and bring good fortune into the New Year. In addition, we also offer similar wall hangings, including a Pomegranate Wall Hanging with Home Blessing that contains an engraved reference to Shivat HaMinim and Deuteronomy, and various other similarly silver-plated wall items in daring reds and brilliant blues, each containing a traditional blessing.