Star of David and Hoshen Pendant


Hoshen/Choshen is a Hebrew word usually translated as breastplate; in English language contexts it refers to a specific breastplate - the sacred breastplate worn by the Jewish high priest, according to the Book of Exodus. In the biblical account, the breastplate is termed the breastplate of judgement, because the Urim and Thummim, which were used in divination, were placed within it. The twelve jewels in the breastplate were each, according to the Biblical description, to be made from specific minerals, none of them the same as another, and each of them representative of a specific tribe.

  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver
  • With embedded sparkling CZ crystals which represent Hoshen Plate
  • Size (withour bulb): 2.8cm/1.1 inch
  • Condition: new