Satin Bris Pillow

  • This Bris Pillow features embroidered in blew and silver Torah Crowns and the text in Hebrew:
    "Ze HaKatan Gadol Yihyeh" (This young child will mature into greatness)
    "BeSiman Tov Ben Ba Lanu" (Through a good sign, a son has come to us)
    "KeShem SheNichnas LaBrit, Ken Yikanes LeTorah ULeChupa ULemaasim Tovim" (Just like you entered the covenant so to should you enter into Torah, marriage, and good deeds)
  • The Bris Pillow is used to carry the baby to the circumcision
  • The pillow comes in a protective PVC bag with zipper
  • Size: 70x50 cm / 28x20 inch
  • Material: satin
  • Condition: new