Challah Board with Shabbat Verses

  • This Shabbat Challah Board features intricate floral motif and a mandala pattern surrounded by verses in Hebrew:
    • "Ve'Karata L'Shabbat Oneg" ("and you call the Sabbath a delight") pasuk in Yeshayahu 58:13 which describes how one is commanded to delight in the Shabbat
    • "Toameya Chaim Zachu" ("Those who taste it, merit life"). Tasting the food on Erev Shabbos is a Mitzvah. One who does so is rewarded with long life; it is based on what we say in our Shmonei Esrei at Mussaf on Shabbos.
    • "Vezakenu lekabel Shabbatot mitoch rov simcha ve mitoch osher ve kavod" ("Grant us Shabbat out of Joy and out of happiness and honour"), a verse from a Shabbat song.
  • Size: 26.5x40cm/10.5x16inch
  • Materials: tempered glass, stainless steel legs
  • Made in Israel
  • Condition: new